What Is TMExcelBits

TMExcelBits is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that provides a whole range of features & routines that cannot be directly done in Excel. Following are just some of the routines available in TMExcelBits, but there any many others.

  • List external links & show status
  • Find cells with errors
  • Create a worksheet map (a visual display of formula, text, number & error cells)
  • Save worksheet(s) as either PDF or separate Excel files
  • Compare two data lists for differences or similarilities
  • Insert new row(s) & copy formulas
  • Standardise data based on your individual requirements
  • Many data & text routines

TMExcelBits will run in trial mode for 20 days (without restriction). If you would like to continue using the file, you then have to pay for it & register it.

You can download a help file and a file that shows the menu options available in TMExcelBits

TMExcelBits is in the final stages of development & will be available soon! In the meantime, you can download the help file & menu options file that will give you an idea of what the add-in will be able to do.


The latest version available is V1.00 

TMExcelBits_Help (pdf)


TMExcelBits_Menu (pdf)